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Recording Audible Text with Balabolka.

audiobook logoI’ve posted a few sample chapters and audioblog posts recorded with other text-to-speech generators, which you can read about in my post, Oyez! Oyez! The TTS program I’m using for an audiobook of Irish Firebrands, is Balabolka.


Balabolka is a free download that works with the voices you have (or install) on your computer. It comes with complete instructions, and no special knowledge is required for use. But because computer voices don’t always sound the way you want them, you may need to adjust the recording.

This can be a labor-intensive task, and I found it helpful to simultaneously open a document that listed the most frequently used tags. I could then copy and paste the tag I wanted, right where I needed it, instead of typing it out, every time. I’ve tidied up the chart, and it appears below. If you’d like to try Balabolka, you can download a PDF of my cheat sheet by clicking on the image.

Balabolka coding

The listed tags will work with all voices supported by the program; however, most pronunciation problems are specific to the voice you’re using. Balabolka has some other fixes you can try, but I ended up using my own list of spelling adjustments. These will differ according to syntax, as well as what individual users think are understandable, but I hope to come up with a list of generic suggestions to share.


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Another Author Promotion Site!

This blog is the first and the flagship of a fleet of nine sites that are a-building in the blog shipyard. One of them has pulled ahead of schedule, so brush up the formal wear, shake out the feather boas, and get the bottles of sparkling grape juice chilled for this event!

New Author Promotion Site from the Irish Firebrands fleet of blogs!

In Other News…

Bringing up a close second is The Passions of Patriots site, which was previously forecast for an end-of-summer debut, but was unavoidably delayed due to work on the Irish Firebrands audiobook project.

misc pop slides

The Audiobook Edition of Irish Firebrands is in final testing. In its current form it will be distributed free to those who have disabilities that prevent them from easily reading text. It has been recorded using text-to-speech technology, because the up-front fees for voice talent are unaffordable, and Irish Firebrands doesn’t sell well enough in other formats to make an audiobook royalty split an attractive option for professional narrators.

audiobook logo

So if you’re one of the courageous horde who downloaded the 51% preview of Irish Firebrands to your e-reader’s TBR, please pull it up and give it a try. Those who’d like to finish the book can order a complete copy (digital or paper) from the fine retailers featured in the right sidebar. Your purchase will improve the stats that help make professional recording possible.

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Can Ya Hear Me, Now?

See the Sample Chapters menu for Audiobook chapters!


Original Nipper


Nipper Redux

There are probably easier ways of doing this, but they also probably cost a lot of money. Because this is a no-budget production, I have to do the best I can with freeware – and some wonderfully dedicated volunteer Beta readers!

Like Nipper’s portrait, this project is still subject to editing. Please send any suggestions that can help improve the playback, via the Guestbook & Feedback page, above.

I hope to have a longer preview at PureVolume. Sorry, no ETA yet for the complete book, but we’re getting close!

Testing … testing … one, two, three …


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