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Plover Independent Publishing Goes Paleolithic!

Announcing Another New Autograph Book!

Folks will turn troglodyte when you ask them to sign your copy of AUTOGRAPHS: PREHISTORIC EDITION. It’s much less messy than blowing ocher through a reed, so they’ll be happy to leave their mark in your autograph collection. The 60 signature pages feature reproductions of two cave wall inscriptions to which kids will enjoy adding their fingerprints (pages will accommodate full handprints up to the size of a child aged 10 years), plus pages set aside for southpaw signatories of all ages. There’s plenty of space for poems and pictographs, too. Perhaps someone will inscribe your book with art that will rival Lascaux!

People have been signing their names since before languages had characters. Autograph books made their debut in Europe many millennia later, in the 15th Century. They’re prized by collectors, historians and genealogists. Follow this ancient tradition with AUTOGRAPHS: PREHISTORIC EDITION. It’s much lighter to carry than a rock wall painting.

Assert your inner Cro-Magnon: Hunt and gather your own copy today!

More themed autograph books are coming soon from Plover Independent Publishing!


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