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Between a Pill and a Hard Place.

Why must I risk my life to take a drug that’s supposed to save my life,
when at the same time it robs me of the ability to live that life?

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Inspiration: May it Be (Enya)

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A Date With Destiny

Dear Friends,

As a beginning novelist back in 2009, I’d had no idea that several years later I would rack up some personal experience that might well have substituted for the Registered Nurse education and experience I had drawn upon to pen the passages about cancer that appear in Irish Firebrands.

PRMCOn April 4, I will have surgery to remove a tumor and several lymph nodes. The plan is to receive chemotherapy this summer, radiation treatments in the autumn, and then to begin taking an anti-hormone drug.

Thank you for your prayers, good wishes, and positive vibes.

Yours truly,
Christine Plouvier

The Author


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