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The Siege Continues….

Battle_of_Vicksburg,_Kurz_and_AllisonJust a brief personal status update. Diagnostic tests done during a couple of recent visits to the Emergency department revealed both fair and foul news. The fight to find a way out of the corner I’m in has had a modest success and a disconcerting setback. For the time being, much of the battlefield is still in decent shape, and the acute condition that sent me to the hospital was remedied by a few hours of emergency treatment. Some other problems now have identified reasons that are not so easily overcome, and a planned healthcare procedure was postponed (a big disappointment, because I had looked forward to getting it over with last month), pending consultation with other practitioners – which in two cases won’t happen until mid-November, and in another won’t happen until mid-February. When I was studying for my Master’s degree in healthcare administration, I learned that there are much more efficient ways to schedule people to get the help they need, in a timely manner. (Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t healthcare rationing in the USA. It just goes by a different name.)

As always, your positive thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated.


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