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Bitten by the Genealogy Bug?

Help is on the way!

Announcing the Family History Autograph Album!

Combining the attributes of a family tree record and an autograph book, the Family History Autograph Album is a unique way to introduce children and teenagers to the fascinating and useful pursuit of genealogical research. It would also make a fine gift for a new mother on behalf of her infant.

It was designed for beginner genealogists, who can gather family signatures from the relatives they interview while they garner ancestral names. It features nine 4-generation pedigree charts, which can record at least six generations of ancestors, on up to eight surname lines.

Also included are a reference chart for identifying horizontal, vertical and oblique relationships (illustrating the concept of “cousin [number] times removed”), nine descendant charts, and plentiful signature pages illustrated with a family tree icon or watermark.

Autograph books first appeared in Europe during the 15th Century. Signed albums are valuable to genealogists, historians and collectors. A well-documented family tree has several important uses, such as when it’s used to record a family’s medical history.

The Family History Autograph Album is available NOW from Lulu Press, which frequently offers free or reduced-price shipping:

It’s at Amazon, too (ISBN13: 9781978255029; ISBN10:1978255020), but ONLY at full retail price (Lulu copies are 25% off).

The Lulu edition is also larger (9 in. X 7 in.) than the Amazon edition (8.25 in. X 6 in.). Relative sizes:


And remember, Lana Pedersen, the female main character in Irish Firebrands is a professional genealogist! Read the first eleven chapters of her adventures in Ireland HERE.

Happy ancestor hunting!

And as always, Thank You for your support! 🙂



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Plover Independent Publishing Goes Paleolithic!

Announcing Another New Autograph Book!

Folks will turn troglodyte when you ask them to sign your copy of AUTOGRAPHS: PREHISTORIC EDITION. It’s much less messy than blowing ocher through a reed, so they’ll be happy to leave their mark in your autograph collection. The 60 signature pages feature reproductions of two cave wall inscriptions to which kids will enjoy adding their fingerprints (pages will accommodate full handprints up to the size of a child aged 10 years), plus pages set aside for southpaw signatories of all ages. There’s plenty of space for poems and pictographs, too. Perhaps someone will inscribe your book with art that will rival Lascaux!

People have been signing their names since before languages had characters. Autograph books made their debut in Europe many millennia later, in the 15th Century. They’re prized by collectors, historians and genealogists. Follow this ancient tradition with AUTOGRAPHS: PREHISTORIC EDITION. It’s much lighter to carry than a rock wall painting.

Assert your inner Cro-Magnon: Hunt and gather your own copy today!

More themed autograph books are coming soon from Plover Independent Publishing!

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Cover Reveal: New Gift Book for Children!

Autograph Book for Kids Coming in 2017:


Autograph books made their debut in Europe more than 500 years ago. They are prized by collectors, historians and genealogists. Children can practice this ancient tradition with Autographs: A Keepsake Album (Kids’ Edition).

quill_psf_vector-svgWhen so much interaction takes place via keyboard, mouse, touch pad, swipe screen, and digital “signatures,” children need more encouragement than ever to practice their penmanship, and autograph books can help. The seven historical signatures in the book can help stimulate interest in the past. There are creative coloring opportunities, too.

If you’re looking for an educational children’s gift book that has the potential to become a lifelong-prized possession, consider Autographs: A Keepsake Album (Kids’ Edition).

Watch for the Teen/Adult Editions, too! 🙂


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