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Hold That Thought!

As an “organic writer” (aka “pantser”), I follow a non-linear writing habit, edit while writing, and deal with the competing demands of new stories and ideas when they happen. I think that my having raised four children, all born within nine years, prepared me to do this.

An Epicycloid, by Sam Derbyshire

To me, new ideas are more vulnerable to loss than established ones, so I always make time for them. When I return to the earlier work, I feel refreshed and I make good progress with it again.

A Hypotrochoid, by Sam Derbyshire

Think “Spirograph.” If you’re working at the right speed, you won’t jump a gear tooth when you loop to a new idea, you’ll navigate safely back to where you started, and you’ll have something beautiful to show for it.

Various Spirograph Designs. Anonymous. Wikimedia Commons.

Various Spirograph Designs, by Anonymous

It’s what I call “epicyclic thought.” In other words, the kind of multitasking that mothers get used to doing, without their even knowing it.


And that’s Life in the Parallel Universe … the Place where Novels are Real….

Cassini Apparent Astronomy, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1st ed., 1777

Cassini Apparent Astronomy, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1st ed., 1777



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