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Happy Eleventy-first, Gramma!

A tribute to a lady who had much to do with my creativity…

Gramma, 2nd from left, 1908

c. 1920


Babcia, Gramma & Ma, 1932

Gramma & me



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The Old Woman Never had any Trouble Until She Bought Herself a Pig.

That’s what Gramma used to say, and she was right.

Pig won’t go over the stile, Dog won’t bite Pig, Stick won’t beat Dog, Fire won’t burn Stick, Water won’t quench Fire, Ox won’t drink Water, Farmer won’t sell Ox, Rope won’t hang Farmer, Rat won’t gnaw Rope, Cat won’t kill Rat, and I won’t get home tonight.

That’s “planned obsolescence” for you.

Bah. Humbug.

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