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The Curse of Aldo Manuzio.

Read more about Aldo Manuzio (alias Aldus Manutius) HERE.



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Looking Ahead.

As my First World War research winds down for The Passions of Patriots (my major work-in-progress), I’m gearing up for the Irish history research I need to do for the story.


I’ve been posting reviews of the First World War history books and videos in my research library at the novel’s eponymous companion site. For the Irish history phase, I’ll be posting reviews here, to this blog. I’ll revisit many of the resources I consulted when I wrote Irish Firebrands, but my first topic of study will be an Irish historical personage to whom I referred obliquely in that novel:

Then a stray memory surfaced … about a nineteenth-century Irishman of sixty years, who married a young woman and then begot eight children, the youngest of whom, born when his father was seventy-five, grew up to be a leader in the new Irish Free State.






Mícheál Ó Coileáin (16 Oct 1890 – 22 Aug 1922)

Text ©2012-2017 Christine Plouvier. All Rights Reserved.
The Passions of Patriots cover art: Front, detail from a vintage Irish postcard. Back, details from portraits of an unknown German soldier and an unknown BEF soldier (public domain images).

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One More Monday Meme

Reading: the Ultimate Trip!

And next month, that’s where we’re going, in the pages of Irish Firebrands! 🙂

See you there! 😉

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