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A Virtual Irish Vacation.

Ponder modern Irish history:

Tóibín, C. (2010). Bad blood: A walk along the Irish border. London: Macmillan Publishers Limited.


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Please Join Me in Welcoming. . .

A New Indie Author-Publisher!

Irene Plouviez, PeeWeeRosa Publishing.

Irene is a former freelance journalist, and is currently based in North Carolina. Her first publication between covers is a memoir taken from her mother Joan’s correspondence, featuring period family photographs and Joan’s original illustrations:

Love, Joanie: Letters from the Suburban Frontier 1957-1967.

Irene has a great writer’s voice of her own (I’ve read some of her past newspaper columns), and she’s a talented photographer with many years’ experience (she did the cover photo for Love, Joanie). She recently published this photo and haiku on her FB page:

Reprinted by permission.

Love, Joanie is available at Lulu and Amazon. (Click logos to link.)

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Thomas Hardy Advises Robert Graves

gravesAs we walked around the garden, Hardy paused at a spot near the greenhouse. He had once been pruning a tree here when an idea for a story suddenly entered his head. The best story he had ever conceived, and it came complete with characters, setting, and even some of the dialogue. But not having pencil or paper with him, and wanting to finish his pruning before the weather broke, he took no notes. By the time he sat down at his table to recall the story, all was utterly gone. ‘Always carry a pencil and paper,’ he said, adding: ‘Of course, even if I remembered that story now, I couldn’t write it. I’m past novel-writing. But I often wonder what it can have been.’
~ Good-bye to All That, Chapter XXVIII


Thomas Hardy: Novelist, poet, playwright, author of short stories. (Source: Library of Congress.)

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