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A FREE Educational Opportunity!

Join hundreds of other students worldwide in the study of Irish Language and Culture, at the MOOC provider FutureLearn:

Both courses begin on 26 March!

Now you can learn how to read the Irish dialogue that’s in Irish Firebrands (without having to rely on my in-text translations!)





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Do You MOOC?

cowsFree, online, university-sponsored continuing education has been around for many years, but there hasn’t been much to attract me to the offerings. Then, suddenly, BOOM! Like buses, along come a bunch, all at one time, that are headed to places I need to go to research my work-in-progress, so lately I’ve been attending MOOCs at Coursera and FutureLearn. Check ’em out. They may be offering something you can use, too. (Click on logos to visit sites.)



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