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The Joys of Parody.

A forgotten form of Written Art?

Parody, like punning and cliché, resounds with readers because of aspects such as unique turns of phrase, irony and to be honest, being just too clever by half (characteristics of only the very best of the old stand-up comedians, too). The result is a very satisfying form of lexical humor. Check out this old book for some choice examples of parody:

Have you ever written a parody?

Tell us about it (or link to it), in the comment box.


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Poem: A Book (Dickinson)


Source: Modern American Poetry: An Introduction.
Louis Untermeyer, Editor.
New York: Harcourt, Brace & Howe, 1919.

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Resting Place.

In my interpretation, Wang Wei’s classical quatrain
becomes a tristich or tercet with cadence.

Thanks again to Robert Okaji for re-posting
the transliteration of another evocative Chinese poem.

Illustration: Unattributed photograph found at several online sites.

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