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Fifth Anniversary Cover Reveal!

Coming soon: the 5th Anniversary Second (and Third) Printings of Irish Firebrands!

The Second Printing (paperback) has been divided into two volumes: easier to hold, smaller to pack, lighter to carry!


The Third Printing (deluxe hardcover with dust jacket) features a bonus central illustration section that includes floor plan sketches, drawn while the novel was being written to help block out scenes (a holdover from my ancient university days on the stage).

Hardcover dust jacket.

Both printings will be sold by Lulu Press, as well as Ingram distribution, and the Barnes & Noble and Amazon online retail outlets.

Discounts will be available on books purchased from Lulu.

Note: For a limited time, the single-volume paperback First Printing will continue to be available from Amazon. The plan is to replace it with a US English edition and different cover art. (It’s possible for a book’s First Printing with the original cover art to accrue value in the resale market, especially among specialty collectors, such as aficionados of Irish fiction.) At present, Smashwords original ebook distribution remains unaffected.

Support for Independent Author-Publishers

No matter how much Indies enjoy writing, it’s still a job, and Indie authorship deserves to earn fair revenues. Books which are in global distribution systems and sold via mass retailers net Indie authors only pennies, because of the wholesale price cuts that mass retailers take. Direct purchases from an Indie author’s Print-on-Demand eStore (such as the Lulu Press Store) yield higher net revenue, enabling exclusive author-sponsored discounts for customers. (Mass retailer Amazon’s discontinuation of the CreateSpace eStore has greatly eroded Indie Author earnings, making author-sponsored discounts impossible.) When possible, please purchase Indie-authored books directly from POD stores.

(Covers digitally reproduced here may vary in color from actual printed copies. The original text of Irish Firebrands is written in Commonwealth English. These printings vary from the original only in that minor text errors were corrected. The interior illustrations, new cover art and different bindings are incidental changes that do not affect the existing registered copyright. Irish Firebrands © 2012 Christine Plouvier. All Rights Reserved. )


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Oliver Sacks (1933-2015)



If Awakenings is the only story you know about Dr. Sacks, you’re missing out on a lot. All of his writing is very accessible to the non-clinician, and can give writers valuable insights about the personalities and motivations of their fictional characters. I’m a retired Registered Nurse, but Musicophilia is the book I went to, when I needed to incorporate music psychology into Irish Firebrands.*

Some clinicians did not like Dr. Sacks, because he wrote in the popular press, but I think that disfavor was largely sour grapes. He did not have all the answers, but he did a lot to demystify a spectrum of disorders that can be frightening to the healthy, and that continue to cause disability.

Oliver Sacks also suffered from a neuro-psych disorder. He has awakened in a world where all of the dark nooks and crannies of the brain, which so fascinated him, are now in the light.

Thank you, Dr. Sacks, for sharing so much of your journey of discovery with us.

* As a healthcare professional writing my first novel, I knew that the causes, context and consequences of character decisions had to be part of the story. Out came all the nursing school psych textbooks; I re-read other works about bereavement, grief therapy, and “flow;” and I did new research reading to update myself on other mental health issues, including mood disorders, personality disorders, and aging.

The knot of nerves between our ears is too important to leave out of writing, if our work is to reflect the human condition. A novelist who omits psychology lacks intellectual and artistic integrity, and the result is cardboard characters whom nobody likes, because they’re not like us.

No matter what your genre, don’t be afraid to research psychology for your novels. Good resources abound, and if you do your psych homework, your writing will become the best possible reading experience.

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Opportunity Knocks….

KleinBottle-Figure8-01These two years of blogging have been a wild ride through the Parallel Universe. I’ve explored the writing process that took me by surprise almost six years ago, and in doing so, I feel as if we’ve all drawn closer together as Artists, especially when the 7 Reasonable Rules series of posts and the Indie Author graphics struck chords of universal feeling.

The ball’s on the other side of the net, now. More than 100 readers downloaded the preview at Smashwords. The PDF Sample Chapter and the Audiobook sample are also available for the perusal of others who might like to try their hand at taking apart Irish Firebrands and finding out what makes it tick. Readers who would like to finish the story and post a review may contact me via the Feedback page Guestbook form.

Questions that I’d like to have answered by readers include:

  • What sensory cues are most effective?
  • Where does the research most successfully take you?
  • How many genres does it cross, and how would you rank them?
  • Why do you think the characters behave the way they do?
  • When did you find it easiest to put the book down?
  • Who is in the book’s audience? 

Thank you for accompanying me on the great adventure that’s been Irish Firebrands!

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