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A Virtual Irish Vacation.

A modern Irish adventure:

Plouvier,C. (2012). Irish firebrands. Columbia City, IN: Plover Independent Publishing (licensed to Lulu Press).


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A Virtual Irish Vacation.

Irish storytelling:

Ahern, C. (2009). Thanks for the memories. New York: Harper.

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Haunting a Bookshelf Near You:

A different kind of ghost story.

I never expected to write a novel like Irish Firebrands, and I daresay you haven’t expected to read one like it, either.

Find out what makes the story so different, here:

What’s Your Genre?

Not Your Mother’s Mills & Boon.

Will You Still Read Me…

Patience, Grasshoppers!

Third Rail Writing.

I Can Hear the Ocean Roar.

Is It A Guy Thing?

Thank You,
for making the next spooky story you read be Irish Firebrands!

Lulu Press: A Better Option for Indie Authors and Their Readers.






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