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Haunting a Bookshelf Near You:

A different kind of ghost story.

I never expected to write a novel like Irish Firebrands, and I daresay you haven’t expected to read one like it, either.

Find out what makes the story so different, here:

What’s Your Genre?

Not Your Mother’s Mills & Boon.

Will You Still Read Me…

Patience, Grasshoppers!

Third Rail Writing.

I Can Hear the Ocean Roar.

Is It A Guy Thing?

Thank You,
for making the next spooky story you read be Irish Firebrands!

Lulu Press: A Better Option for Indie Authors and Their Readers.







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Let’s Have Fun Advertising!

Announcing a new free book publicity site: The Billboard Book Ad Site at thebillboardsite.wordpress.com

Visit this new site to find out how to create a billboard and get it displayed there. It’s easy! 🙂

The Billboard Book Ad Site

This new blog site is where Indie Authors can display their own billboards advertising the books they’ve written.

Check the ABOUT page for complete instructions about participating on this free promotional site!

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