Irish Library

A small sample of books (maybe 20-25%) in my Irish reference library, as listed under “Further Reading, Viewing & Listening” in Irish Firebrands:




7 responses to “Irish Library

    • Don’t the covers make a beautiful collage? I hope someday to have the whole collection pictured, perhaps click-able to Goodreads, but it’s a lot of work, and I have other projects to finish, first.

      If you’d like to find any of these books through Inter-library Loan, publication information is available on the Sample Chapters menu (above), under Back Matter > Bibliography.

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      • Yes, they certainly do! In fact, I just told my sister about them today and how impressive your Irish collection is. I wondered if you have a separate book shelf for all things Irish. 🙂


        • About 20 linear feet of shelves, actually. I may have more Irish material than my local public library does. 😉


          • WOW! 😀 So now with the new book, is it solely German or is there some Irish there as well?


            • There are both German and Irish phrases in the new book, just enough to contribute a “you are there” feeling. Germans have made up great idiomatic expressions and other clever plays on words. I hope I can do them justice. Right now, my favorite German word is “Gulaschkanone.”

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              • Hmm… I’m dying to know what that means. It sounds like a food item. LOL! I wonder how different authentic German and Amish High German differ. My 3rd grade teacher was German and she taught us just enough that I know some basics, such as counting and some nouns. I have a friend who is German and lives in Berlin, and we email a bit and I pick up some phrases from her once in a while. I’m sure your new book will be very exciting. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂


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