Shop for Irish Firebrands

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2nd Printing


Shop for BOOKS

Hardback or Paperback (2 vol. set)




Includes .mobi (Kindle format)



Printed (paperback, 1st Printing) (hardback & paperback, 2nd Printing)



Firebrands Boutique (book totes, mugs, clothing & home decor)

galloree store logo2


Pillow: An inviting place to lounge while reading!

Poster: An inspiring, fun parody for your writing room wall!

Tee: Eye-catching, color-coordinated wearable cover art!

Tee: Indie Author Badge. Show your pride!

Mug: A warm image to go with a warm beverage!

Mug: The 7 Reasonable Rules of Writing

Tote: Indie Author Badge

Tote: Indie Author Flag.

Tote: A red-hot bag to carry a simmering story!


2 responses to “Shop for Irish Firebrands

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  2. Eva Newermann

    Hi Christine, I love your blog and Irish phrases, how fun! I have started to add Norwegian on my blog. Thank you for liking my winter landscape. Greetings from Eva in 🇳🇴 Norway

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