Irish Vocabulary

Well over 150 Irish-language names, proper nouns, other words and phrases (including a song), appear in Irish Firebrands. Twelve dozen of these have been extracted and will be appearing on this page.

Non-Irish speakers who Google Translate the words may come up with different interpretations than I did. (Google Translate is a wiki, so there are a lot of opinions expressed therein.)

Also, not all of the vocabulary in the novel follows the most recent standardized spelling, but all of the words are intelligible as Gaeilge by the online Irish text-to-voice synthesizer at For those who’d like to pick up a cupla focal as Gaeilge, I’ve included a link to the synthesizer. The speech can be slowed to help detect syllables. The synthesizer also can be set to the Ráth Chairn Connacht dialect, so it’s almost like hearing the voice of the Irish Firebrands main character Dillon Carroll.



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