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Welcome! Irish Firebrands: Christine Plouvier, Indie Author, invites you to celebrate my first work of fiction. Here you can enjoy the view from a ringside seat, as I conjure up “The Story of the Story,” through blog Posts and special feature Pages. You don’t need to be a WordPress blogger to read this blog, although membership does confer advantages, when it comes to using some functions.


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About – Read a short synopsis of the book, get links to retailers, read Un-Asked Questions about Irish Firebrands (if you have others, you can use the Guestbook page to ask them), get news about other projects, and find out a bit about the strange life led by the author.
Index – Alphabetical list of blog posts.
Trailer – Links to the Irish Firebrands book trailer videos (external sites).
Sample Chapters – Find Chapter PDF, and Audiobook here, plus back matter from the book. The back matter includes a pronunciation guide, acknowledgments and complete bibliography of works consulted during the writing of the novel.
Audioblog – A work in progress, where selected posts have been recorded as audible files, using a text-to-speech generator.
Feedback – Contact the author, participate in polls, and rate the blog.
Library – Virtual bookshelf displaying some of the bibliography of Irish Firebrands. (Sorry, images not clickable.)
Shop – Links to purchase Irish Firebrands books and Boutique products.
Irish Vocabulary – Many of the Gaeilge words, phrases, names, proper nouns (and even a song) that appear in Irish Firebrands. Link to an Irish text-to-speech generator.
Ephemera – Where fun stuff lives after its debut on the home page.
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More Sneak Peeks.

FEATURED ATAuthor Bernetta Thorne-Williams has invited me to list Irish Firebrands at her brand-new book promotion site. Luminous Expressions exists to bring readers and writers together, and the service is free. This attractive and easy-to-use site hosts an author’s own uploads: cover photo, synopsis, first chapter, and retailer link. I’ve seen some intriguing titles there that I can get in paperback! :D

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It’s Sneak Peek Week!


Are you looking for a new author to try?

Would you like to join a writer on the adventure of producing a new work?




Have you published a work that you’d like more folks to enjoy?





Do you have a work-in-progress for which you’d like some feedback?




Then, here’s an opportunity for you:


If you find no links that appeal to you in the comment area below, please post there the genre(s) you are interested in reading, so authors and writers can reply with links.

When you visit a link, if the sample is published with an invitation for feedback, follow the site’s instructions for submitting comments.

If you go on to read a complete work, please leave an appropriate review at sites where it will benefit the author and other readers.


Tommaso_da_modena,1352_ Authors and Writers:

Post in the comment area below, a link to a sample from your finished work or work-in-progress (do not post the sample itself: WordPress filters very long comments to Spam).

Shortlinks for samples that are published on blogs (posts, pages, or media documents) are preferred. If you post two or more regular URLs, WordPress may filter your comment into Spam.

The sample can be a whole chapter, a scene, or other passage.

If you link to a preview at a retailer, please be sure it includes more text than front matter (not just mostly the cover, blurbs, title page, copyright, table of contents, etc.) – we want to sample your story, as we would if we were browsing in a brick-and-mortar bookshop.

 Thank you for participating … and keep turning pages!


“My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” – Abraham Lincoln




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