(With apologies to Hoosier Max Ehrmann, author of the original poem “Desiderata.” Click on the image to download a PDF copy of this poster.)

~  Desiderwriter  ~

Gaze placidly upon the noisy printer and waste of jammed paper, and remember what peace there is in writing at 2 am. As far as possible when satirizing, be on good terms with all your subjects. ~ Write truth to power; and try to finish reading books, even if boring or incoherent; all writers data dump back stories. ~ Ignore trolls, it’s not worth your getting the vapors over them. It’s compare OR contrast, not both, but when critiquing others, remember there always will be better and worse writers than you are. ~ Enjoy alliterations, adjectives and adverbs, whether you’re a pantser or a planner. Let them refresh you after your day job, however humble; it’s a real possession in times of recession. ~ Be cautious in your publishing affairs; for the world is full of pirates and greedy rights grabbers. But let this not make you anal retentive about DRM; many are generous with their talents, so get permission and give credit; and there’s a heroic amount of public domain stuff . ~ Write what you know. Especially, practice method acting. Neither be cynical about love stories; for in the face of trendy paranormal and dystopian novels, romance is as perennial as crabgrass. ~ Consider kindly the passage of time, because all great protagonists do not need to be youthful. ~ Nurture toughness of hide to shield you when reviews are harsh. But don’t second guess yourself. Many fears are born of forgetting that sleepers do happen. ~ Beyond a wholesome diet, don’t beat yourself up for eating chocolate. You are a citizen of the Parallel Universe, no less than Faulkner and Hemingway; you have a right to write. And whether or not it’s clear to you, no doubt the plot is progressing as it should. ~ Therefore be at peace with your Muse, whatever you conceive It to be, and whether publishing as an Indie or aspiring to a small press publishing contract, in the nasty confusion of manuscript formatting keep your spirits up. Even with all its broken hyperlinks, research is still always time well spent. Writing should be cheerful. If we’re not happy, we’re not doing it right.

Copyright 2014 by Christine Plouvier


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