If Life Imitated Art.

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

“I just wish she knew that if there were two persons, who were imperfect and they knew it, and they weren’t afraid to admit it – if those two persons cared enough about one another to lean upon one another, they’d be stronger together than they were separately – like a flying buttress and a cathedral wall.”
– Irish Firebrands
, Chapter 32

Feminist theory about appropriate sex-roles notwithstanding, I think there’s a strong case for female “fixing” behavior to be mostly a matter of “nature” over “nurture.” By this I mean it’s hardwired in women, as a means to perpetuate the species: it’s the “mothering” instinct. Nurture comes into how that instinct is expressed: bearing or adopting children; teaching or mentoring; interior decorating or supporting a cause; nursing people or growing plants; keeping pets or loving “bad boyfriends.”

175px-Karate_icon.svgIn this vein, eliciting possessiveness on the part of a male is also…

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