Gone Writin’!

Watch this space for status updates on The Passions of Patriots.



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2 responses to “Gone Writin’!

  1. Christine, I’m so happy to see how much progress you’ve been making in your writing despite all that’s on your plate. I’m not quite as able to deal with life -plus- health issues. I really hope and pray you are doing better and are over the worst of things. xx ❤

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    • So good to hear from you again, Rachel! Autoimmune diseases are the pits! I hope you’ll begin to rally soon. ❤

      It's a new autoimmune diagnosis that sent me to the ER two weeks ago. I'm still at the rehab home, but they do say I'm making progress. I'm hoping to have a medication change when I see the rheumatologist again at the end of the month. The plan for when I go home is for me to have home health agency help.


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