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Fusion Fiction: Where Art Meets Life …

Because life on Earth isn’t lived in one genre, so for many of us, writing about life in The Parallel Universe follows suit. We may write individual works that cross several genre lines, or write many works in several separate genres.

New Author Promotion Site from the Irish Firebrands fleet of blogs!

New Author Promotion Site from the Irish Firebrands fleet of blogs!

How would I know if I write Fusion Fiction?

When we publish Fusion Fiction, we find it difficult to narrow down our marketing code category choices to the limit of 1 or 2 that may be offered, and in frustration, we usually settle on the one that’s the best of a bad lot. We then try to supplement this inadequate labeling scheme with what we hope will be easily discoverable keywords in lists, blurbs, tags and social networks. Unfortunately, many potential readers are still prevented from finding what we’ve written, because of the vast volume of identically classified works.


So poor discoverability isn’t my fault, after all?

Nope. Turbulent seas of talent threaten to swamp all of our book barques. What can we do to improve the chances that the readers who are paddling out to the mighty pipeline of published fiction will choose to surf our wave of writing? When the tsunami of tomes recedes, what will help beach-combing bibliophiles find our works within the endless layer of uprooted wrack that lines the literary shore? After the tide turns, how can we improve the chances that our imaginary ecosystems may be discovered by dabblers in textual tide pools?


Isn’t there already a name for the way I write?

Yes: Literary Fiction has been used this way. But the label has been given a bad rap by writing gurus who have bought into the campaign to dumb down the language, and by publishing gatekeepers who want to control content, so that they may more easily dominate the supply of and demand for Written Art. As a result, potential readers are put off by unfounded assertions that such works are hard to understand, and so they miss out on storytelling that can meet many reading needs.

How can giving my work a new genre name help?

“Fusion” is not a new concept in the Arts. Musicians have been doing it for a long time. Painters and Sculptors also have a history of mixing their media. These Artists and their patrons have enjoyed the effect that synthesis has on their Art. It’s time for Authors, as Writing Artists, to announce that one size of genre classification does not fit all Written Art. Once enough Authors have united in this cause, they can act as change agents, to ensure the viability of their vocation in the marketplace of Art.

A category of “Fusion Fiction: 1st Genre/2nd Genre/3rd Genre” or “Fusion Fiction: Multiple Genre Author” can give Writers an easier and more precise way to classify their works (and eliminate a source of stress, especially for the Indie Author-Publisher). It can officially confirm the scope of talent of an Author, to a reader who is familiar with only one genre of that writer’s work. It can also help fans of writing synthesis know that more is in store for them in a book than single-genre labels can convey, while those whose tastes run to reading literary conventions specific to only one genre, will be able to avoid biting off more book than they feel they can comfortably chew. It makes readers happy to easily find books that meet their reading needs, and happy readers make happy writers! 

Okay! :) What do I do when I get there?

  1. Walk through the website.
  2. Read the rules. [1] [2]
  3. Sign up.
  4. Tell your critique buddies about Fusion Fiction.
  5. When you receive your confirmation e-mail, prepare and submit your book promotion materials.
  6. Talk up Fusion Fiction at NaNoWriMo write-ins.
  7. Prepare and submit your guest blog post.
  8. Talk about Fusion Fiction at your writer’s group, on your own blog, and in social networks.
  9. Reblog your post when it goes live, and do the same for your colleagues when their posts are published.
  10. Add the Fusion Fiction genre category and URL to your current marketing materials.

You do not need to give up other ways of promoting your work when you join this site. FUSION FICTION: Promoting Cross-Genre Writing seeks to establish a more accurate marketing category that will enhance the discoverability of multi-genre Authors and multi-genre works, which are currently underserved by a classification scheme that obscures their uniqueness and enduring literary value.

And the Fusion Fiction website is a work-in-progress: Talk with your Fusion Fiction colleagues about how to improve the site, and share your great ideas for getting our new genre category codified. We’re all in this together: Each of us can take a sword or pike out of the thatch, and as Fusion Fiction Freedom Fighters, can take back our turf, on behalf of our language, our literature, and our loyal readers.

[1] As advised by Chris The Story Reading Ape at his Author Promotion blog.
[2] It really isn’t as hard as it looks.

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Coming Soon: Another Author Promotion Site!

This blog is the first and the flagship of a fleet of nine sites that are a-building in the blog shipyard. One of them has pulled ahead of schedule and will soon be ready for launch! Brush up the formal wear, shake out the feather boas, and get the bottles of sparkling grape juice chilled for this event!

New Author Promotion Site from the Irish Firebrands fleet of blogs!

If you’d like to preview this new site, please fill out the Contact form below, to receive an official invitation.

In Other News…

Bringing up a close second is The Passions of Patriots site, which was previously forecast for an end-of-summer debut, but was unavoidably delayed due to work on the Irish Firebrands audiobook project. I expect to work on the site during NaNoWriMo, and hope to bring out the first issue of the trench newspaper from No Man’s Land before the end of the year.

misc pop slides

The Audiobook Edition of Irish Firebrands is in final testing. In its current form it will be distributed free to those who have disabilities that prevent them from easily reading text. It has been recorded using text-to-speech technology, because the up-front fees for voice talent are unaffordable, and Irish Firebrands doesn’t sell well enough in other formats to make an audiobook royalty split an attractive option for professional narrators.

audiobook logo

So if you’re one of the courageous 75 who downloaded the 51% preview of Irish Firebrands to your e-reader’s TBR, please pull it up and give it a try. Those adventurous souls who expect to finish the book can get a holiday sale coupon after NaNoWriMo. Your purchase will improve the stats that can help make a professional recording possible.

Register Here for a preview of Fusion Fiction

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Guerrilla Aging: Faith and Spirituality


Holding the Big Picture in the palm of your hand….

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:


In the deepest places of our being, we tend to look at meaning beyond ourselves. We may know that our life expectancy is a finite number of years, but this doesn’t answer why we were put on this earth to begin with. We may know that cellular deterioration will be how most of our lives will end, but this doesn’t answer what, if anything, will come next.

Whether we identify with a religion, believe in the sanctity of nature, karma, reincarnation, or simply hat we are all connected, we are all inclined to be spiritual beings. We are, with the greatest array of scientific discovery at our disposal, we are inclined  to look at the heavens and wonder at the majesty of it all, or suck in our breath at a plant beginning to bud, or marvel each year at the first snowfall.

We are, in spite of an endless…

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